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'LAP' is
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LAP Commercial Insurance Company, Inc. was established in 2020 by brothers Wayne and Michael Pohida—veterans of the public transportation industry. LAP provides commercial automobile insurance to taxi, limousine, and paratransit transport companies in Alabama, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. LAP provides clients with the industry’s lowest rates and empowers their long-term success with technology.


A Family Legacy

Transportation is a 90-year tradition for the Pohida family.



The Pohida Brothers have 35 years of experience in transportation.



LAP is an homage to the matron of the Pohida family. Her support and encouragement lives on in the company’s name.

“LAP has the personal, small agency feel clients love but leverages large agency resources and vast transportation industry experience.”

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Since 1986

Brothers Wayne and Michael Pohida bring 35 years of industry experience to LAP. The Pohida Brothers’ knowledge of navigating the complex insurance requirements, products, and solutions necessary in the transportation industry combines with their penchant for client-focused solutions that provide peace of mind.

Meet Our Team


Wayne Pohida

Wayne has spent almost his entire life working in the transportation industry. His parents owned and operated a large fleet of Taxicabs. At the age of 12, he began helping his father maintain the company’s vehicles. When he was old enough, he began driving. He worked his way up the company through hard work and knowledge and ultimately became responsible for its financial and insurance-related affairs.

Michael Pohida

Like Wayne, Michael spent most of his life working in the transportation industry. He started driving for his parents’ company 35 years ago before moving to his next position as a dispatcher. He spent countless years working in the office alongside his mother (L.A.P.) as she prepared him to assume the responsibility of Human Resources and Claims Management. He has vast experience pursuing and defending claims surrounding the family fleet.

Hadi Moghisi

Hadi Moghisi is a highly talented Software Engineer. He was involved in the 1982 debut of “Future Taxi,” the first Computerized Taxi Management solutions commercially available. Since then, he has connected and collaborated with approximately 1000 Transportation Providers, gaining an education of the industry. This education enables him to provide a robust, relevant, state of the art, and updated software solution to those working in transport.

Cynthia Temple

Cynthia is a Risk and Fleet Manager with over three decades of on-the-job experience in the passenger transportation industry. She is a pioneer in Telematics as a powerful tool in achieving successful risk management. Before it was mainstream, she successfully implemented plans to install Airlink Modems in her fleet vehicles. These brick-sized modems reported telematic data to the Airlink Tracking Software located in her office. Utilizing this data, she was able to identify problem areas and quickly address them. Her implementation had a very significant positive impact on loss results which she continues to build upon.

Dr. Pappanastos

Dr. Ed Pappanastos is a risk management college professor with 30+ years of experience. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in Applied Statistics and has had a successful academic career. He has served as the Chair of Economics, Finance, Risk Management, and Insurance Department at Troy University as well as the Chair of the Risk Management and Data Analytics Department. He currently serves as Associate Chair since 2019. He holds ASLI certification for the Institutes and is licensed as a Life/Health and Property/Casualty producer in Alabama. Dr. Pappanastos’ breadth of knowledge in the insurance field will be invaluable to LAP.

we Insure Your Fleet

LAP is passionate about its clients and serious about insurance. They work with a select group of agents who are the “best of the best” when it comes to insurance for the transportation industry.

Taxi Insurance

Our taxicab coverage will protect your drivers, their vehicles, and passengers.

Limo Insurance

Our livery coverage will protect your limos as well as other luxury vehicles.

Paratransit Insurance

We understand the unique risks and needs of paratransit vehicles. We can cover fleets of wheelchair vans, box trucks, and more.


We can also help protect your luxury rideshares with our commercial insurance policies.

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