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When you purchase a policy with LAP Commercial Insurance Company, you receive experienced commercial auto coverage and benefits aimed at equipping your business with the technology needed to lower risks and increase profits.

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Our cutting-edge tools will help automate and streamline your operations. We provide access— free or discounted depending on the size of your fleet—to taxi management software, our proprietary GPS tracking platform, and the hardware needed to tie it all together.

Livery Tech | Large Scale Taxi Management Software

Knowing that a killer SaaS solution is key to your success, we want to strengthen your processes through software.

Taxi management software is the heartbeat of any transport business, and Livery Tech is positioned as a leader in the industry. Livery Tech taxi management software reduces overhead and provides automated management and features for drivers and passengers.

Passengers can use Livery Tech to book on the fly or reserve transportation in advance. The solution makes it easy for them to connect to your services by providing multiple booking channels, including a web booker, IVR, a Facebook integration, and an app with iOS and Android device support. Your passengers will have access to accurate ETAs, fare estimates, animated maps, and driver ratings.

Drivers will be able to focus on passenger safety and comfort by offloading tasks to the cloud. Livery Tech supports multiple locations per trip, live ETA’s to assist with accurate communication, access to a driver earning dashboard, and payment processing.

Payment Options:

  • Secure Digital Payments
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Admins will be fully supported by our 24/7 care team and our management suite for invoicing, reports, job records, and more.

Livery Cam | Cloud-Capable Fleet Dashcam

The Livery Cam is much more than a dashcam. It’s a plug-and-play device that integrates with a GPS tracking platform to monitor driving behavior. Its functionality is backed by cloud storage and high-performance hardware.

The smart dashcam features built-in 4G capability and WiFi, allowing it to work independently of your drivers’ phones and providing coverage throughout the states of Alabama, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

It also has a dual-camera design with a FHD road facing camera and an HD cabin facing camera. The built-in sensors help detect behaviors like fast acceleration, hard braking, and sharp turns, allowing you to address and coach high-risk behaviors. The cameras record to the cloud and can protect you from fraudulent claims and reduce liability.

Of course, hardware is nothing without software, which is why we’ve invested in providing our customers access to Livery Cam, a GPS Tracking Platform.

Livery Track | GPS Tracking Platform

Livery Track enables Livery Cam to provide real-time tracking of your fleet, location data, and data that can assist in stolen vehicle recovery.

The solution is easy to use and data-rich. Data enthusiasts can geek out over the possibilities. You can set up custom alert notifications, geofence parameters, and crunch numbers until your microdata-loving heart is content.

A Technology-Based Path to Success

When you’re successful, we’re successful. As partners in your success, we know that whether you are on the road or behind the scenes, you need tech to stay competitive.

Our cloud-based SaaS solutions encourage scalable growth. We can support a fleet of a few or a few million. Let us help you redefine the way you manage dispatch and tracking. We can help you increase sales, identify areas for improved profitability, and keep an eye on performance management. More importantly, we will keep you insured. At LAP, we aim to help you flourish while protecting the future of your company.