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a pink and cool taxis sits outside of building in cuba

Is it just me, or can transportation make or break a trip? There’s nothing like cool taxis in a foreign land, an open-air jeep to explore the mountains of Sedona, or a convertible that carries you down the PCH to create a memory that lasts. If you’re a fan of weird experiences, don’t miss the six rides below that range from the colorful to the beefy.

Cool Taxis Around the World

1. Pink Taxis

In Mexico City, taxis were once green in color. Nowadays, taxis are a vibrant pink and white. Very chic. Eh? And while in some cities around the world—we’re looking at you Dubai—pink taxis are reserved for women, in Mexico City, pink taxis are for all. So next time you’re in Mexico City, cozy up to a “Rosa Mexicana” for a truly Instagrammable moment.

2. Ciclotaxi

If you want to travel around Mexico City like a local, you should hail a ciclotaxi. A ciclotaxi is a three-wheeled bicycle-style device that can transport up to two passengers. Ciclotaxis made their debut in the city of palaces in the nineties, and they’ve been a main square staple since. Next time you visit Mexico City, hail this cool taxi service.

3. Aquataxi

Moving further in North America, we land in Vancouver to take a look at the city’s Aquabus. The Aquabus will take you from one attraction to another in the Grandville Island area. As the name implies, the “bus” is actually a colorful boat that provides a picture-perfect contrast to the city’s modern buildings.

The Aquabus is such a funky experience and is used by tourists and locals alike. There’s no need to book online. When you’re ready to float, you can easily find one of the multiple bus stops, wait for the ferry, and jump aboard.

4. Party Limo

Across the pond, we find our party-loving global friends in Prague. Prague safely combines the steering wheel and wild nights out by offering a solution: the limo party bus.

Book your limo spot online and let the night flow. The party bus will drive you where the fun is, and if you don’t know where the fun is, they will select the best destination for you.

5. Self-Driving Taxis

Last time I visited Vegas for CES, we fought over who would get to ride in the autonomous Lyft. Self-driving taxis are still rare enough to fight over, but I don’t think they will be a rarity for long.

Lyft recently launched self-driving taxis in Las Vegas and Metro Phoenix, and they have completed over 100,000 rides. Lyft wants to, understandably prioritize safety over speed so your Lyft could take a bit longer than a regular ride. Also, you won’t be able to ride in the vehicle alone. Each ride is managed by a trained operator who sits up front to keep an eye on things.

If you happen to be in Vegas or Phoenix, you can hitch a self-driving ride using the Lyft app.

6. A Robotaxi

lyfts new self driving taxi

On a related note, soon, Lyft has plans to launch their first “robotaxi” with a little help from their friends—Hyundai and Aptiv. Together, they plan to make some seriously cool taxis.

The robotaxi has 30 sensors that prepare it for Level 4 autonomous driving and will add extra features to your Lyft, like the ability to add multiple stops to your trip.

If you want to hail the robotaxi, the word on the street is that it will launch in 2023 starting in Vegas.

7. A Hot Dog

Last but not least, who wouldn’t want to ride in a hot dog? A huge hat off to Lyft as this is yet another of their innovative ideas.

Known as the “Beefiest” Lyft XL Ride, Lyft has partnered with Oscar Mayer to offer a ride in the U.S.-famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. The limited-time experience will take place in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Those lucky enough to hitch a ride will be treated to music, neon lights, free shirts, hot dog masks, and Weinermobile shaped whistles to help them relish the good times.

So, what do you think? Are you going to rent another boring car or take a chance and hitch a ride on the wild side?

If you want to learn more about hailing taxis around the world, head here. If you want to learn about protecting your taxi with insurance, head here.

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